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Dunkin Donuts New Ice Cream-Flavored Coffees Feature

It is nice to have great food every time, and it is more loving to have something sweet and cold after it. But well, eating ice cream or going for a drink will not be the option every time, with every passing moment, you will surely get fed up with ice creams. And so, it is time to try something tastier and more impressive. And so, the doughnuts will come into the picture. Doughnuts, in some parts of the world, are also known as ‘Donuts’. The product is the same; only the name is different.

What are doughnuts?

Doughnuts are just like breaks coated with some cream, in short, very soft and sweetbreads which are round shaped and covered with cream and sprinkled with some sweet and tiny things to enhance the flower. Doughnuts come in many sizes in the shape of a doughnut if you wants to know more information go to It is used as a dessert food. This sweet is popular in many countries and can be easily made at home or even bought from any food stall or any supermarket. They are made by deep-frying flour dough, mostly in the shape of a ring with a hole or in many other forms. Other batters can also be used besides with coatings such as sugar, coffee, chocolate, etc. Sometimes, natural and artificial flavours are included too. There are also filled cream doughnuts, in which the food company injects some sweet things such as chocolate or some flavour inside the doughnut to make it more and more delicious. This not only enhances the taste of the doughnut but also enhances its shape and size to make it look better and tasty.

At what time they can be eaten?

Since they are mostly used as deserts, the perfect time to eat a doughnut will be after dinner or after some solid food. They can also be eaten with something liquid such as coffee or even tea. And also, like all the other things, especially for a person with a sweet tooth, a doughnut can be eaten at any time. Well, they are tasty, easily made and can be eaten anywhere. So, why not try one now.

Are they healthy?

The doughnut is made by deep-frying flour dough. And so, it is not very much healthy. Besides the core, the other things which are included to create a doughnut are also not healthy. Although due to dense flour in them, doughnuts have high fiber content, doughnuts also are known for their sweetness, and so, they have massive content of calories, fats and sugar too. Besides this, some doughnuts are made to be healthy than others by passing them through the trans-fat process to reduce their fat content.

Some amazing facts about Donut

Doughnuts have been around many decades and so, with the oldness, comes the history. So, here are some tasty facts about the donuts.

  • The US sells about 10 billion doughnuts per year.
  • There are about ten people in this world, living with their last name as ‘Doughnut’ or ‘Donut’.
  • Washington Irving, the famous author of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ first described doughnuts in print as the ‘balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat, and called doughnuts, or olykoeks’.
  • There was even the sale of medicinal doughnuts recorded in history, doughnuts which contained medicinal items such as Nyquil or Pepto Bismol.
  • ‘Spudnuts’, a food chain famed for its Specialities in doughnut-making makes their doughnut dough from potato instead of using regular flour.
  • Bostonians love this pastry; a survey recorded that the city has one doughnut shop per 2480 people living in the city, by an article printed in Adweek.
  • The airy and deep-fried dishes, slightly different from how they are made in America, were called pets de nonne in French, which translated to ‘nun’s fart’ in English.
  • There is more to the late-night doughnut shops. In the earlier times, back in 1950s, police officers, who were involved in late-night graveyard shifts would stop by doughnut shops, which were among the few shops that would be open late night to do some paperwork and have a snack. Eventually, a reverse relationship developed, and Donut shop owners welcome the protection of police officers, and they also loved to have a place to eat late night, and so, the association stuck around from them, till now.
  • The actress Renee Zellweger was known to have had an intake of 20 doughnuts a day to gain weight and become eligible for the role as the eponymous heroine in 2004s ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’. Also, with 20 doughnuts a day, the actress claimed to have eaten a big mac, chips, potatoes swimming in butter, pizza, and milkshakes. All these to hit her weight goal in time for her shooting.
  • In 1933 Chicago world’s Fair, which was named as ‘A Century of Progress’, the doughnuts were named as the ‘Hit food of the Century’. Being comfortable made and cheap, they were also renowned as ‘A staple of the working class’.
  • During the First world war, salvation army workers would bring soldiers doughnuts and coffee in the trenches of France to cheer them and also remind them of their home.
  • Doughnuts were also called olykoeks in earlier times. The Dutch started this term which meant ‘oily Cakes’ in English.